Freelance consultant and seminar leader since 1994, Member of the Board of Directors at kfu, Diploma in Industrial Engineering

"Seminar participants commonly report that they have experienced an energy boost through our work together. We try to strengthen the engine of your business from the inside. This happens when employees design change processes themselves. And when change is not merely something thatĎs being dictated from hierarchs. This is when people are enthusiastic about what they do. And thatís something their customer will eventually recognize as well."

Peter Friedmannís high level of interpersonal skills inspires managers as well as employees. He initially started his career in the industry, mainly in the areas of materials management and project management. Up until now he has led more than a hundred change projects for medium-sized businesses and the large-scale industry. His professional key areas: Increasing the efficiency of sales teams and optimizing the supply chain.

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