Certaines des personnes interrogées ont entretemps changé de profession.
Avec plaisir nous vous mettons en contact avec la personne.

Ralf Schmid, Senior Vice President

« kfu consultants don’t just offer standard sales training… » 

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Thomas Stewing, Managing Director

« The meetings with the kfu consultants were a real experience for many staff members as it was often the case that it was the first time that they were asked for their opinion and were in a position to take influence on something! » 

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Dr. Michael Stumpp, Group Vice President

« Yes, my expectations have been completely fulfilled! kfu consultants bring with them lots of experience and the necessary pragmatism. »

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Rolf J. Dürschmidt, Managing Director

« I expect that in around 3 years we’ll be able to say that with the strategy developed together with kfu, we have been able to set a milestone in our company history. » 

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