kfu Client Feedback

For many years now we have obtained plenty of positive feedback after successfully run workshops and seminars, both from domestic and international companies from Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America.

We are happy to establish direct contact with the customers (employees) quoted here. Please contact Irmgard Knes.

„Many thanks to you. We have learned a lot and bottom line things in customer interaction. Hope to see you soon!“

T.S., Manager New Business Opportunitie, Germany

“I just started my new role and I feel very lucky to get such a professional and high-quality Hunting Growth Opportunities seminar. Really very helpful for me. I’m sure I can create some GO success stories in near future. I also wish I could get further seminars from your side one day. Thanks!”

L. L., KAM, China

“As part of a far-reaching integration process, we have carried out a strategy process involving new colleagues and sales teams with many years of experience. Guided and moderated by senior kfu consultants, we succeeded in bringing together colleagues from different company backgrounds and in developing joint scenarios for the future. We succeeded in persuading even the biggest sceptics and turning them into constructive implementers of the new market strategy. At kfu, people are at the heart of the change processes that need to be mastered. We have received a lot of positive internal feedback on that subject too. Developing a strategy with kfu is always a very motivating and inspiring step for creating a good atmosphere within a team, in addition to achieving content-based objectives. We will stay on course! Thank you.”

A. R., Assistant to the CEO, Germany

“I wanted to thank you again. I really enjoyed the seminar and feel that it is an excellent way to grow and improve our team’s abilities both with customers and with each other!”

J. P., 3D-Priniting Process Engineer, Germany

“Thanks again for a very engaging workshop! We had really great feedback from everyone after the course.”

D. J., Head of Global Sales for Cosmetics Industry, USA

“kfu has helped me exceptionally to solve an almost irresolvable issue. Many thanks again!”

C. B., Country Manager, leading Chemical Brand, Germany

“I very much enjoyed our sessions and your energy, and ability to capture abstract concepts accurately, very enlightening!”

G. U., Head of Development and Expert Services, Globally active Chemical Company, USA

“Many thanks for the excellent collaboration, but mostly for your flexibility in readily adjusting the workshop to accommodate all current questions that emerged during the session.”

C. G., Owner and Managing Director, Paper Industry, Germany

“Throughout the last years you were an invaluable source of new creative ideas and structured approaches, helping different units of our company to excel. I hope that the upcoming years will provide many opportunities to enhance and further develop this cooperation…Thank you and best regards!”

L. A., Head of internal Management Consulting, Globally active Chemical Company, Germany

“Back in the saddle again – wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful hospitality and guidance you have provided to our team. I look forward to the next workshops in a few weeks.”

T. B., Global Market & Business Development Manager, Chemical Specialties, USA

“… I’m just looking over the results and to dos from both our small workshop and the kfu-Hunting workshop. I am very satisfied with all those ideas and projects and I am hopeful that next year will be a good one for us. Many thanks to you for your support and collaboration…”

N. L., Director Precoatings, Chemical Company, Germany

“… thank you for accepting all our comments, good or bad, as well as you did and most of all, thank you for making Monday one of the most important days for our business that I have been involved in. I have no doubt that the business “partnership” BASF and its Distributors have will be dramatically enhanced because of Monday. Albeit the comments made were our comments we were helped along by being asked the right questions and by being stimulated by your management of the occasion and your advice and experience…”

5 weeks later:
“…Just like the workshop we had with you recently, I am inspired once more!
Thank you again for the work you did with us in 2013; it certainly has me and my team focused on making 2014 a year to remember. It is certainly my goal to have a focused and committed team working and communicating closely together to woo the customer and by team I mean everyone, drivers, storemen, clerical etc. not just merely the sales team. One strong unit focussed on the customer and winning with fun.
“It’s the same as in sport”: an inspired team includes players, coaching staff, medicos, management and last but not least, the supporters.”

T. F., General Manager, Distributor for Automotive-Spare-Parts, Australia

“I’ve heard very good comments about the seminars. I heard it was enjoyable and extremely useful. …”

D. L., Assistant to Sales Director, Leading Carbon Products-Manufacturer, North America

“Thank you for these six days we spent together on the reflection of our strategy for the coming years. The method of work which may seem confusing at first, gives all its power at the end. The results are up to my expectations: a clear vision, concrete action plans in the short term and long-term. Congratulations and I look forward to continue …”

A. S., Director Sales, Chemical Care Specialties, France

“…after talking with several of the participants it was clear that this was probably the best sales seminar they have ever participated in. …The topics were tailored to our company and not about a fictitious company made up by a consultant. These were issues that most felt they could get their hands around and that they have lived through. The kfu-instructors made the class interesting and challenging which kept most engaged throughout the entire two days. I did not receive one negative comment from anyone about the class. Most come back to their job with a renewed vigor toward their job.”

C. K., Sales Director, Leading Carbon Products-Manufacturer, North America

“I wanted to thank the kfu-instructors and my colleagues for a very enjoyable and educational week.”

J. W., Leading Carbon Products-Manufacturer, North America

“…Our team enjoyed your seminars and found it to be significantly valuable…”

R. H., Senior Vice President, Leading Carbon Products-Manufacturer, China

“… Many thanks from our side. It has been great and highly professional – as usual! 😉 And we had lots of fun!”

S. W., Head of Marketing, Chemical Care Specialties, Germany

“…Clearly, the seminars were a tremendous leap forward for our group and we greatly appreciate your efforts …”

S. P., Vice President, Chemical Company, Brazil/South America

“…it has been very interesting for me to experience a prime example of top-class workshop facilitation and, on top of that, receive helpful analyses that one oftentimes does not achieve due to time constraints…”

M. E., Head of QM, Automotive OEM, Germany

“…I very much look forward to further, unique collaboration with you. Also I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for how you made it possible for me on the path of gradually getting rid of old habits and replacing them with fresh ways of addressing employees and customers. I have never been lacking in optimism – I believe that we will take the chance to emerge from this crisis stronger and better, also thanks to your fresh insights!”

F. R., Director Sales, Chemical Care Specialties, Germany

“This seminar has been a delightful experience which will always help us throughout our future sales lives. I have derived fresh motivation from learning and understanding where my own weaknesses lie. I am committed to continue working on myself. For this I would like to thank you. I very much hope to see you again in the near future so we can continue where we left off.”

J. H., Sales Manager, Plastic Foils Business, Germany

“Many thanks for the quick preparation of our meeting minutes…our participants were highly impressed with your systematic approach as well as the clarity and depth of the session’s results.”

C. G., Owner, Paper Manufacturer, Germany

“… Again, thank you very much – it has been an outstanding workshop.”

P. K., Head of Sales, Chemical Company, Germany

“…such a seminar is just what we need to educate and develop our employees in order to stay on winning ways! I recommend a follow-up session in the near future…”

J. H., Owner Retail Trade, Germany

“… I thought it was a fantastic session; it is a relief for me to have a direction now. I don’t mind admitting that I have been struggling with the marketing. The ship was rather rudderless for the past 18 months and now I really know what I am going to do (with the help of the team). … Thanks for all your effort and I look forward to seeing you again for the next set of sessions, and I am confident that by then we will be flying high on the new successes!”

J. W., Assistant to Country Manager/Marketing, Chemical Company, United Kingdom

“…I like to express my feelings again and thank you so much for our sessions together. As you mentioned last day, we need to ignite the fire for our business and organization. Unfortunately, we couldn’t ignite this fire by ourselves but you did that last week. I have to spread this fire to our team members as one of our employees and participant of the session. To implement our strategy, COMMUNICATION is the key to success!! (As well as leadership, of course!)…”

Y. N., Assistant to the Country Manager, Chemical Company, Japan

“… thank you for your hard work and effort during the 2 recent strategy sessions. The feeling amongst the team has been very positive and the workshops have clearly energised us.”

S. H., Head of Automotive Refinish Solutions, United Kingdom

„…The seminars were a complete success in my opinion. I could apply many learned contents in my daily practice…I’m hoping to meet you again soon to have the opportunity to learn even more from you…”

R. M., Owner, Distributor for Automotive-Refinish Business, Germany

“… I have received the hand out materials of our Shanghai seminar. It is a good tool for developing the business in China. …”

H. L., Account Manager, Chemical Company, China

“ … The feedback was positive: the direction of our customer segmentation-strategy was agreed on and we’ve got the GO to proceed! … I would like to thank all of you for all contributions so far and hope for some challenging workshops together with kfu in the near future.”

R. B., Sales Director, Chemical Company, Germany

“… The seminar was plain awesome! Was able to implement a lot from what I learned with good results. I also received your handout materials, which are highly useful to follow up on what I learned…”

D. B, Technical Sales Service, Pneumatic, Germany

“I would like to thank you for a good workshop and your great support throughout the process. Everything was very well prepared and also well organized. Those two workshop days were very interesting and positive for myself and certainly for everyone else as well.”

U. S., Head of 3rd party products, Direct Sales, Chemical Company, Germany

“I have spoken to all participants and everyone unanimously reacted very positively to the session, including „This was a very good way to spend our time“, or „I have been able to take away a lot from this“. Therefore, I would like to thank you for your efforts in preparing and running the workshop and delivering contents that were very interesting to us…”

M. W., Managing Director, Direct Sales, Chemical Company, Germany

“We have had another 2 successful internal meetings in Shanghai but it was boring compared to the first three days of your seminar. I’m very sure that your seminar will open our eyes about how to be a good and successful salesman/saleswoman. Of course it doesn’t automatically change the person. It depends on the willingness to change and to learn from the expert. Nevertheless, this is enlightenment in starting the development to be successful in sales. … Personally it was a good seminar for me to learn something new besides technical seminar. I hope someday I will meet you again. …”

A. S., Head of Application Lab, Chemical Company, Indonesia