Finding the right workforce, identifying competencies and developing potential

kfu is
accredited for
the diagnostic tool

All too often, the right people are in the wrong jobs!
This is where we come in

  • Identifying the right employees and avoiding costly mishires
  • Getting the right employee into the right function – quantifying ‘soft skills’
  • Developing targeted measures for employee development and implementing these consistently
  • Detecting leadership potential and developing management personnel (with their teams)
  • Developing high-performance, motivated teams within the company
  • Detecting and overcoming interpersonal conflicts

For employees and managers with customer contact

  • Improving sales and relationship competencies
  • Identifying specific coaching approaches, implementing these and boosting sales success

How it works

Following a discussion with kfu’s experts, an online analysis is performed that takes around 30 minutes.

The result is an extensive analysis of the personality structure of the person that has proven its value through many years of practical experience. It provides feedback about personal strengths and weaknesses and the person’s preferred behaviour.

The analysis is discussed in detail with kfu’s experts. Combined with the knowledge of motivation factors and values, managers, employees and the company are provided with a rational basis for strategic human resource management.

It delivers valuable information about communication behavior with other people.


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