Karin Wadlinger

Karin Wadlinger

“What we offer? Individual support, also and especially in demanding phases of change processes, e.g. job change, after long-term illness or burnout. It is about to strengthen you mentally and help you to experience the necessary changes in a sustained, positive manner. First and foremost in order to keep you healthy or help to recover.

When we consult people, we do not merely stick to a rehearsed procedure, but instead encourage customers with a tailor-made approach. It is important for us to respect the uniqueness of individual people and the characteristics of each organizational culture.”

Freelance consultant
and seminar leader since 2009
Diploma in Business Administration
Master of Science in Business Psychology

Karin Wadlinger is our expert for psychological coaching, health management and intercultural organizational development. She led numerous international seminars for globally acting companies and additionally works as psychological coach of managers and teams. Her open and respectful people skills are highly appreciated as well as her longtime experience as senior manager.