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Martina Kieser

“Those who succeed in any situation are the ones that ask questions instead of espousing preconceived opinions, that learn from others instead of trying to impress at any cost, and that know that truth wears many guises.

Our first step is to work with our clients to put ourselves in their situation, which they identify as one of interpersonal conflict and/or inadequate collaboration with insufficient shared objectives. Then we support them every step along the way to a resolution.”

Freelance consultant
and seminar leader since 1998
Maîtrise en Philosophie
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Martina Kieser is a German native who has lived and worked in France for 30 years. She has 20 years of intensive professional experience particularly in the French-speaking world. Her work focuses on coaching executives and managers, intercultural negotiation skills, and the interactive learning of new collaborative methods beyond the traditional hierarchical management models.
Her long-standing background as an entrepreneur and her fundamentally humanistic approach make working with her into a special and valuable experience.